This thing is getting harder and harder to update. I am starting to hate being on the computer more and more and more. I think that’s healthy though, right?

Rome is still great, everyone. No worries. This little American girl is settling in just fine. A few of us went to Florence this weekend (awesome), and I had a sad thought: I realized that there will be times this semseter where I will have to work and I can’t have fun. I know that probably just killed my parents to read because I am just having too darn much fun.

Laura just pointed out today that we’ve been gone for three weeks already. It feels like a while, but not that long. I feel like I’ve lived a lot of life in those three weeks. Irelnd > gettting settled into a country with a different culture and language > spontaneous vaca > back to classes.

Let’s talk about Florence::

Kare-bear and I were like, “Let’s do Florence.”. Okay. Neither of us exactly wanted to do any planning or researching, or booking, so we just really didn’t. She did book the hostel sometime last week and found us a SWEET place to stay for two nights. Florence Plus = amazing. What hostel has a black light pool, spa, sauna, rooftop terrace, bar, disco, restaurant, and girls only floor?? It was so great. We met a lot of cool people (Australians, Canadians, and even Southern folk!).

We left around 7:30 and got a ticket to jump on the cheap train to the city and before we knew it we were there. We were in the city known for it’s leather as much as Michaelangelo’s Statue of David. We did some shopping at the markets, had lunch at a darling diner (I had the best smoked swordfish), bought a bottle of wine and went to Piazza Michaelango to overlook Florence at night. It was really cool to see the same skyline I used for a project sophomore year in person.

The next day we walked around Florence some more. We saw some cathedrals, two fake Davids (does that count for anything?), and the Uffizi Gallery. They say it’s the next best art in the world next to the Vatican. We saw the Birth of Venus, Madonna with Long Neck, and tons of other work by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Da Vince, etc. Not surprisingly, we went after some more leather and scarves before we made our way back to the hostel.

Monday was possibly one of the most fun days of this trip. A big group of us went out all day Monday to the Chianti Region, and lucky for us, it’s harvest time. We “got to” pick the grapes (turned into a grape fight with some Aussies), drink the vineyards favorites with lunch, and then we went to a wine tasting class. We enjoyed the Super Tuscan, truffle olive oil, and balsamic vin. Om nom nom. It was all so amazing. Honestly, the best I will probably ever have in my life.

I must do my studies now, after all that’s why I’m here, right? ha…

Task: design a box that represents a goose.

Fact: my room smells like leather. Good day.


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