caught up!

I am so happy I’m finally caught up on these photos! I’m just going to call it even and move on.

School has been going marvelously. Even though I’m only in class for 3 days, I promise I do work hard (ish). But really- last week we had a typography workshop with Oded Ezer. He is a brilliant typographer from Isreal. ISU was lucky to snatch him. We’re the first group of Americans he’s ever taught. It was an inspiring and encouraging three days.

What else is new? I’m just compiling a list of things that are different from the US. Here are a few:

1. toilet flushers are different. Not bad. Not that diffferent. Just different. It’s more of a button instead of a little lever.
2. public bathrooms are dirtier. sorry, europe. they just are.
3. speaking of toilets, you have to pay up to .75 just to use one sometimes.
4. they have trains. wow! you buy a ticket, validate it, and ride it. they’re more common anyway.
5. everything runs late.
6. black socks galore! (that’s how i know someone isn’t american)
7. few flip flops
8. less obesidy (we could have guessed that one)
9. also not surprisingly, nuns and priests run rampant. like soybeans in iowa.
10. smart cars. everywhere. on the streets, in my salad, on my computer. everywhere. they have infected the whole city.
11. fiats.
12. less peanut butter more nutella.
13. water isn’t free at restaurants. first, make sure it doesn’t have gas. then pay €3 for a big bottle. woof.
14. funny three-wheeled work trucks.
15. more smokers > more raspy voices.
16. beggars are more assertive.
17. beaches have less tops.
18. gypsies.
19. dining experience is longer. you must ask for the check.
20. talking with hands. i swear i am right now. you just can’t see it.

keep reading for more. i know you will. sooner or later. please eat chips and salsa for me. i miss them dearly.


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