up then down

the last week has been a sad one for us in rome. one of our professors, terry kirk, decided to end his life. we [students] officially found out yesterday and had a little service for him tonight. i never had him for my art history class (60 of us are divided into three groups). i was looking forward to going to the vatican with him tomorrow- looking forward to it all semester.  that was the one time i was supposed to experience one of his famous lectures. you don’t understand how magnetic this man was; every single student who had him was captivated out of their wits. i really missed out. naturally everyone’s best qualities come out in a time like this, but there was something so unique and impressive about his demeanor.

it was good to step back from my routine and just admire the life of a great man with my classmates and professors. someone so engaging, charismatic, and kind hearted deserves to be remembered.

we’re just given a millimeter of eternity on earth. i do not believe that this life is all there is. it can’t be. it is far too short. it’s worth your time to think about. think about priorities, meaningless worries, and the people you love. tell them. i need to remember some things [many] are well worth investing my time and words. everyone deserves a basic layer of respect and more. if for no other reason, we [you/me/parents/celebrity idol/waitress/school secretary] were hand crafted and molded by a perfect creator. now go be happy because life is / can be. that. good. 


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