Northern field trip.

switzerland, venice, milan 09.09.09

Holy goodness,
I am going to say this right now: I am still enjoying my life abroad.

I have been a stinker about updating. I say that EVERY SINGLE TIME but i mean it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Where do I start. I’d like to thank my heaps of readers :)

I left off with Berlin. OLD NEWS. Since then, I’ve been to Basel and Zurich, Vitra, Milan, Venice, Barcelona, Paris, and London. The first few were with a school trip. We visited some gnarly poster museums, the oldest paper mill in Switzerland and made our own paper, listened to a special lecture from Rosemary Tissy, visited the Vitra Design furniture showroom. That was in Vitra Germany. Beautiful. I have a new-found love for great furniture. On our way back we drove through the Swiss Alps. It was so beautiful. I felt like I was on a magical planet that doesn’t exist in real life- but it so so exists. I know mom would love it. Really really love it.

Obviously a class trip to Switzerland and Germany isn’t complete unless…YOU EXTEND IT AND TRAVEL MORE! That is exactly why we went to Milan for a day and then Venice. Everyone raves about Milan. I did enjoy, but it was rainy, extremely crowded, and our “hostel” was rank. As long as we could save a few euros, we were in for the musty smells and creeky stairs.

It really was a beautiful city, though. The fashion was great. I noticed how polished everyone was compared to Rome. Especially the men. It was great fun. After that, we caught a a train to Venice. I don’t know what I expected, but it was so wonderful. It was raining and miserable the whole time, but I loved it more seeing it in it’s natural state. They have to put up mini bridges everywhere because it gets so flooded. You walk across these planks and hope the person next to you is nice enough to not push you into the sea of puddle. I remember jumping in puddles and getting myself soaking wet, then I had a thought, “I wonder if this is a good idea since I was JUST sick. Naaah. Puddle jumping is always fun!”

We got back to Rome after about 10 days [Berlin > Rome for half a day > Switzerland > Vitra > Milan > Venice ]. We were exhausted and rather happy to be back at our flat. It was nice to make my own pasta and sleep in my own bed. What wasn’t so nice: the homework world. I must say, I don’t know how I jungle all this school nonsense in with my fun, but I’ve found a way to manage…

Don’t worry parents; someone will hire me. somewhere. somehow.



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