A Portrait Series of whom I do not know | 001: KATHY LOPEZ

Here is Kathy’s sitiation (pronounced: sitch-E-A-shun, like Jane Lynch said it in Party Down):
Though she does like Panchero’s, she received the nickname from her peers after her father opened the first “Panchy’s” in Northeast Kansas. Kathy also likes Laguna Beach (seasons one and two, of course), winking as a flirting mechanism and the cilantro salsa from H-E-B. She has a tattoo that says, “live laugh love” in Latin on her—you guessed it—inside ankle. Though she’d never admit it, she did play the Big Willie Style CD to and from work everyday so she could learn all the words in hopes to throw down some sick beats at karaoke.

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  1. Posted 02/08/2011 at 6:33 PM | Permalink | Reply

    this reminds me of the waitress in the (excellent!!) movie 'u-turn'.great blog, btw.check me out sometime :)

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