Weapons, Moonrise, Tebow and Terrariums

1. Glow in the dark Swiss Army knife? Don’t mind if I do.

2. I haven’t kept up with the Tebow hullabaloo, but I saw this article all over the web today and I think it is worth over-sharing. It made me smile real big.

3. Can’t wait to see Wes Anderson’s new movie Moonrise Kingdom.

4. I know Christmas is over, but there are still gifts to be given. How about a picture of the product? It’s the thought that counts. 

5. Perhaps I will make a terrarium for craft day in Austin this Sunday…only time will tell.

6. My I-know-we-would-be-friends-if-we-could-just-meet Anne Lamott is coming out with a new book in March. This is better than double-sided tape!

Note: I promise I will be posting short stuff again soon. Happy weekend friends and strangers!

*Photo found via Designspiration. (I was saving it for my unborn post, “how I tricked myself into being healthy”, but I didn’t have any other imagery for today. Womp womp.


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