“She belongs on BRAD’S season!” — some girl

Ladies night!

Name 30 things that are better than watching the Bachelor with your girlfriends. Wait — don’t — you look tired just thinking of one. Am I above a show that condones serial dating and saying “soulmate” at all, let alone within the first week? No. I much enjoy knitting to the sweet tune of Courtney’s whisper voice and Monica’s feisty antics. Plus, we all adore it when Chris kills the mood by announcing that there is only one rose left at the end of the ceremony. We’re not fooled, Chris! Everyone knows it’s your clever way to make the show last until commercial break! Guys and gals, grab a pardner or two and find true love next Monday. My pals and I found it in the Bachelor.

*NOTE!!!! : ABC is not paying me to feature the Bachelor in this post. [wink]


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