Things (AKA: why my shopping trip should matter to you)

I am a newbie! Give me a break if my mood board is wack. Personal endorsements from treat yo self day 2012:

1. Loft carries jeans for petites. I have a pair exaclty likes these, but at Christmas time my little sister asked me what color they were. They were so faded she didn’t know if they were ugly black, or charcoal gray. It was time for an update.

2. A darling store filled with the most wonderful paper goods in all of Des Moines (Ephemera) had these candles that they called, “the Boyfriend Candle”. I couldn’t bring it back on my flight so I waited and bought one in Waco. It listens to me and smells nice.

3. AG curl activator. Got it at Beauty Brands. This is the best curl stuff I’ve ever used. I’ve tried it all. (Note to reader: I have not tried it all). Non-crispy. Smooth curls. I give it two winks and an involved secret handshake.

4. Combat boots are trendy; therefore I got them.

5. Pepper Spray! Just because! It’s something I’ve been saying I’d get, and $6 later, I finally went through with it.


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