Japanese street style: America’s best kept secret

I was complaining about how I never know what to wear being small. I don’t know if my new boots make me look stalky and cankled and I especially don’t know if I am allowed to wear huge faded t-shirts (See last question in the FAQ section). Worry not! My self-esteem is just fine.

You see where this is going…Japan. My friend Erin and I were talking about this the other night and it lead me to sharing with you. I don’t need to write about how eccentric and awesome these garbs are. You have eyes. If you don’t have eyes, please email me and I will further explain the details of the garments.

Images found via Japanese Streets and Tokyo Fashion. 


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  1. Posted 01/25/2012 at 11:07 AM | Permalink | Reply

    tokyo, you bring out your best.

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