frid-YAY links

Happy Friday! I have compiled a small list of online destinations that I hope someone somewhere will enjoy.

1. This awesome diet planner allows you to adjust number of meals, calories, dietary preferences and even caters to Zone, Paleo, perfect health, etc. Even if you are not trying to loose weight, it’s a slick way to get new ideas and reevaluate your current health routine.

2. Kern and Burn is “an online and print publication that curates discussions, interviews and essays about design entrepreneurship.”

3. Spreeder is my favorite application for reading online articles. Just copy and paste then specify your settings (i.e. 3 words @ 300 words / minute). It makes reading on the computer 10x more efficient.

4. Food on my Dog is fantastic. Thanks Becca!

5. I read this inspiring article on self-publishing a few days ago. It’s a good option for anyone who is looking to get their book on the market.

Tomorrow’s post: everything you need to know about the Super Bowl!!!!!!!

photo by Simen Johan 


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