introducing you to the wonderful, Minneapolis!

Hello, everyone!  My name is Hannah, and I live in the Great Tundra aka Minneapolis.  As you can all read in the previous post, Little Miss Becky is vacationing, and she has left me in her stead.

When trying to decide what to write about, I thought about how great a job Becky does portraying her culture in Texas, and I realized, you all don’t know the greatness of Minneapolis.  So lace up your trendy, yet functional winter boots, hop on your fix gear bike and take a ride with me around the semi-frozen lake-adorned city of MINNEAPOLIS.

1. The beautiful city itself.  Yes, I’ll admit, I sometimes get a tad sick of the 5pm traffic, but who could ever get sick of this view??


2. The awesome music scene.  Don’t get upset, I know Austin, TX is also known for its great musicians and you have SXSW and all that, BUT do you know great Minneapolis artists like Dessa? or Polica? or do you have a radio station that plays awesome music and supports local artists?!

3. Great food and drank.  Minneapolis is recognized for some great artists and musicians, but we’re also starting to inch our way into the culinary spotlight.  Aside from the unsurprising amount of trendy coffeeshops, like the ever-cool Spyhouse (love their employee stats), we also have some classier eaterys, like the new(ish) Lowry, which has also become my 3-time-a-week late night spot.  Not only do they have outstanding food and an extensive drink menu, they also have one of the greatest waitstaffs of any restaurant, potentially EVER.  You can even get your 140-character masterpiece published in their bar as their featured “tweet of the week”.

4. I live there!  Minneapolis pride is a contagious thing.  You should come catch it sometime.


Me and the Beckster in Minneapolis.


  1. BEX
    Posted 02/17/2012 at 12:38 PM | Permalink | Reply

    Thank you for making me cool by association.

  2. Kile
    Posted 02/17/2012 at 6:05 PM | Permalink | Reply

    You should check out the bachelor farmer with me sometime soon, another delight of our city :)

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