One of those days when you just need to fall off the treadmill. Right?

Alternative titles: “Actually quite jumpy” and “Woof”

There isn’t much to it. I was in the dark and usually lonely cinema room at the gym. Today’s movie was Tower Heist. There was a scene in the beginning where Ben Stiller was running his fastest — when out of nowhere — someone clotheslined him. If you know me even a little well, you will know that I am actually quite jumpy. At the exact moment Ben Stiller hit the ground, I hit the ground. It’s hard to play it cool when your body goes limp and the treadmill has its way with you. Oh how embarrassed everyone was for me, but not as embarrassed as they will be when I have to explain my thigh burn next time I wear shorts. Of course I tried to play it cool, but that only makes it worse. Yes, this quintessential awkward moment does happen in real life to real people. At least it wrote my post for me today.

New HTR shirt idea: “I fell off the treadmill and all I got was this bloody shin”. I’ll let you know when they start selling.

Etchings by Al Held


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  1. Posted 03/08/2012 at 4:14 PM | Permalink | Reply

    bah! today, i tripped at the nail salon. and by tripped, i mean fell flat on my side as my feet went above my midsection. the sweet vietnamese women went, “Ooo!” as i assured them that, please don’t worry, i just have a tendency to fall in local institutions. this, of course, is not particularly true, but i felt that would assuage their fear of a lawsuit.

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