Spinnerin meets Elle meets tennis

Went to Texas Style Council this weekend. I’ll tell you about it later. So good. In a hurry. Must get ready for work.

I got all giddy when I found these photos because they remind me so much of that Spinnerin yarn catalog that I posted about a little while ago. It’s like, which one is really from the sixties?! I just can’t tell. This girl is so cool that I’ll bet you a multi-pack of Orbit gum (spearmint) that she wins every match.

Photos by David Burton / styled by Carola Bianchi / Elle Italia / November 2011

via here



  1. Posted 03/12/2012 at 4:40 PM | Permalink | Reply

    It was such a pleasure meeting you, Becky! TxSC was insanely fun and inspiring. Shoot me an email next time you’re in Austin ’cause I’d love to hang out again! <3

  2. Posted 03/13/2012 at 11:24 AM | Permalink | Reply

    I’ve always loved this spread :)

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