SXSW butterflies

I was going to write a doodad about each of these bullet points, but I realized that I didn’t have time to be clever enough to make it worth your while. I’m leaving for SXSW tonight. I went last year, so I guess you could say I’m an old pro. You would be wrong, but you could say it. The traffic is terrible and the parking is even more mad but the spirit of the city mends all frustrations. I hope the parties let me in and my shoes don’t fail at working. I also hope that I don’t get hungry at the wrong times. You know, the times when you would pay an arm and a leg to eat a turkey leg. That doesn’t seem like a fair trade, does it? I don’t even like those things.

This is going to be glorious. I can no longer pretend to be kind of cool about my “knowledge” musicry, so please don’t expect a legitimate review of the festival on Monday. What you can expect is a review of the parking. And the free turkey legs beer.

People of Austin / South By know-it-alls / any breathing person: twitter me @beckycmurphy for any exciting happenings. Cool and thanks.


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