…and God was even at SXSW

Parking review: just bike.

Beer review: drinks on them. You want to find yourself at the gatherings where Shiner flows like water. If you are like me, you will almost never finish your beer before it gets warm; excessive consumption is a non-issue. None of this matters though, because South By is now over. Womp womp.

Moving on. I think I’m finally starting to de-compartmentalize God. Instead of thinking in terms of God-place and oh-whatever, it’s starting to become more holistic. Since God is everywhere, He was at SXSW. I knew this when The Kingston Springs played at the end of their set. One of the long-haired gentlemen was banging the drum and I could not help but dance. The kind of dancing where I flail my arms and accidentally hit those around me. I was so full of joy. I think that God probably liked that His creation created something so jolly that dozens of people couldn’t stand still. My eccentric dance habits and their musical outpouring are gifts meant to be enjoyed. I did not give myself these legs for jiving,but I am thankful I have them.

Favorites from SXSW: BenshRubblebucketThe Weeks

Photo of Rubblebucket via here


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  1. satpack
    Posted 04/02/2012 at 9:59 PM | Permalink | Reply

    True dat, sista…. one of my favorite anticipations of heaven :)

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