This just in! The web is sometimes wasteful!

The internet is exactly like wine. It is wonderful most of the time, but best when not over-consumed. Then it becomes a black hole. My list from yesterday was going so well…until the internet happened. I called my mom (and left a voicemail). I wrote some letters (and didn’t send them). I ran hard (at the end of the day). I even spent time with with Madison as she colored her fuzzy posters and I cut out cards. The day was mostly a success until I binged on the world wide web. I think I will start turning off my computer. I said that once before, but I mean it a little more this time. Except for now. And when I clean out my inbox. And when I double check my bogus spelling.


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  1. Posted 03/21/2012 at 8:57 PM | Permalink | Reply

    amen, sister. we need to get up and walk away.

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