Blog post in lieu of 13.1 bumper sticker

You read about the series of misfortunes in my un-athletic life. You read about how I tricked myself into being healthy and you read about when I fell off the treadmill. Now I tell you about the race that I killed this weekend. Suggested tools: banana, legs, Big Freedia. I’m not sure if it was God’s grace or if it was part-grace part-reward. I let at least five cars cut infront of me in the traffic jam on the way. I also refused to litter during the race.

Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon. Most people run with friends. That would have been too cool and conventional. I signed up by myself because I knew I had to do it while my motivation was still above sea level. I have no qualms with that method, except  A) I didn’t know that I had to get my number at the expo the day before and B) plan an extra hour for traffic. I barely made it in time. I did not have a number. I still got a medal at the end.

I fully embraced the event. I tried to congratulate those around me when we reached a new mile. I always high-fived the children’s hands in the road that stuck out like branches. I saw Jorby twice while he was filming. That made me feel very very very popular. I even did that “rock on!” hand sign to one of the bands. It felt funny, but I’ll try anything once. I was nervous I would “have to” walk at some point; it turns out that all I had to do to not walk was to not walk. I did not walk.

I learned a lot and I could write a long post about how good this is for your body and self-esteem and street cred and ice cream points. It’s not a full-marathon, but I get the idea. I think my knees are scheming against me now. I heard one tell the other that if they keep acting like they have grandkids, maybe they won’t have to work anymore. I told them that’s a poor strategy, for it would be impossible for them to have grandkids.

All in all, I am very pleased with what the last few months have brought. The race was the cherry on top. As a pre-ward, I bought a pretty mug and took myself on a date to the Whole Foods buffet. I was so happy after the race that I went to Anthropologie and bought another mug. I know it’s excessive, but I was able to afford it.

*The organization that brought me to doing the race in the first place is going to get a post of its own. Check out As Our Own.

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  1. Brady
    Posted 03/26/2012 at 11:48 AM | Permalink | Reply

    No shoutout to the celebratory eggs, James bond, and the equivalent of womens lingerie??

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