A brief defense for long-winded voicemails

You call your friend to ask a couple of questions on your way home from work. She doesn’t answer. Do you just hang up? Do you just tell her to call you back? NO. Leave friend a 1-4 minute long voicemail. Here’s why:

1. What if that was the last opportunity you had to communicate with said friend? Wouldn’t friend appreciate it, like, a lot?

2. Ever heard of writing letters? Ever heard of audiobooks? Okay, cool. Just making sure it’s still 2012. Felicity and Sally communicated via recorded cassette tapes. J.J. Abrams couldn’t stand to let Felicity be conventional enough to even write letters like most people probably did in the drabby 90’s. If Keri Russell got to do it, then you sure can in the progressive 21st century.

3. Maybe voicemails are a safe place to practice story telling. Maybe they’re a safe place to spill big news. Voicemails are an opportunity to not put friend on the spot.

4. It’s an email with the inflection. With a voicemail letter, you don’t have to use ten exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!! Or wonder if your smiley faces are creepy ;) You control the tone.

What are your thoughts? Do you disagree? I’m easily provoked, you know.


A brief defense for using this picture:

1. When else will I get to use this felicity drawing from months ago?

2. No short post today. Come on, people! I’m just supposed to have 30 before April is over. Please check back soon.


One Comment

  1. Posted 04/06/2012 at 5:28 PM | Permalink | Reply

    I write things like this all the time, but not half as pretty!!! :D
    Also, true story about the !!!’s and the :)’s I use these way too much in texts; as well as commenting on blogs ;)

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