I’d Rather be Short no. 20: animals [probably] aren’t [as] scared of you

I don’t know if there is an ounce of accuracy to this, but it was just funny enough to make the cut. If you are short, do animals and kids fancy you more than your peers? Do you think it’s because you’re short, or are you actually just cooler? I would like some data for my very very serious research.

P.S. I am always taking ideas for this series. Today’s was provided by David (90% sure). I have a long list that has kept me busy, but as I progress, I realize how much better some are than others. I’d like to boot the just-okay for the really-great. Tweet me or comment below if you have a dish to contribute. Thanks, friends!



  1. Posted 04/25/2012 at 8:22 AM | Permalink | Reply

    Dogs and kids for sure like you better if you’re short. I can neither confirm or deny whether or not lions or whatever kind of bird that is like you better.

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