Kevin + Lindsey | anniversary woodburn

My friends commissioned me to make a five year anniversary woodburn for them. I love that they joking-but-only-kind-of requested that I feature the Price Penguin and Deal Dinosaur (their bargain hunting alter egos.) I have too much good to say about these two to contain. We’ve gone to Vegas, they visited me in Rome, and I’ve crashed several of their Valentine’s Day parties. Zindzey and I cheered together in high school and almost everything was a Superstar reference. We crossed our fingers and hoped our little sisters would one day adore supermodel documentary hour like we did. Now it’s nine years later, and our sisters adore supermodel documentary hour.

Photographed by Jenny


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  1. […] did this type for a potential woodburn for my friend Lindsey. We ended up  going with a different look, but I still had to submit it to the world wide web […]

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