I’d Rather be Short no. 21: easier to dodge bullets

College memory: After a night out, my friend Laura and I walked back to our apartments together. Our walk turned into a brisk walk and that brisk walk turned into a run. Then Laura yelled, “If you run in zig zags, YOU ARE LESS LIKELY TO GET HIT BY A BULLET!” We occupied the entire street as we ran zig zag the rest of the way home. Had there been an actual bullet to avoid, her mile long legs stood no chance against my child size frame.

Also, how can IRBS [I’d Rather be Short] and IRS [Internal Revenue Service] have such similar acronyms, yet radically different functions?

Bonus: I’d Rather be Short celebrates her 21st birthday today. Cheers to goals, progress, reality and Photoshop shortcuts. Now go smile at a stranger!


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