Pixel Polaroids + what moths can teach us about ourselves

Jherin Miller’s pixels and Polaroids are the bomb.net, as Saayeh would say.

On another note, why are moths so disgusting? They are the crickets of the sky and they only belong in books of old botanical drawings. Even then, only as drawings.  How did alpha moth weasel his way into my kitchen? Douglas flew around like he just got his wings. His stupid wings. I am calm and collected when it comes to bad haircuts, flat tires and stubbed toes. But when a moth or cricket enters my living cave, I stop being polite and start getting real. I yell at the bastards and harass them. I call them SOBs and demean their character until they shrink to be smaller than they already are. I just want them to feel so uncomfortable being in the same loft as me that they have to find a hole to crawl into and die. But they don’t. They force me out of my kitchen when I’m hungry. They fly in my face as I am reading.

Maybe I should feel empowered by these fugly creatures. Though they are small and I hate their existence, they parade around like they own the place. Because they do. Huh.

Thank you, alpha moth for teaching me to believe in myself!!!!!!



  1. Posted 05/06/2012 at 7:10 PM | Permalink | Reply

    If the moths could open the windows they would own the place. They would just come and go as they pleased — rent free. Alas, they stare out the window thinking “I can see outside. Why can’t I go outside?” They’re a step ahead of the water bug though, which just seems to enter, crawl across the channel changer and then die and uneventful death on the carpet before the undertaker (me) ferries them across the River Styx (my trash can).

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