Virtual Twin Peaks Cookies | to saayeh, love becky

You: what the what?

Becky: remember when I said there would be more Twin Peaks references? Consider yourself lucky. We threw a lovely surprise party for Saayeh on Sunday night. Ever since Saayeh got me gaga for Twin Peaks, I haven’t been the same. I found out that Allison and Dylan watch it. And Hope. And Chad. And Julie. And Jorby (and everyone else with eyes and ears between 1990-now). Those are not fake people. They are my real friends who like the same things I do…because that’s what friends are for: talking about TV shows at dinner even if nobody else has seen them.

Back to Sunday night. I had been planning on decorating some sugar cookies with rad TP icons. THEN, my $1.79 tube of black frosting TOTALLY SUCKED. With limited time and resources, I was unable to achieve my vision of  serving 90’s trivia on a platter. Instead, I went with a Japanese minimalism sortathing. If you can imagine how the above cookies looked sans the virtual decor, you will see what I’m talking about.

Alas! A little late…nearly one week after your celebration…I have kind of delivered as promised. Saayeh, here are pictures of those cookies I was going to make.

*It is to her credit that she found her minimalist dream party detail in my unadorned cookies.


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