Laurel & prom + Becky & photography

Regarding prom

My sister went to prom a few weeks ago. She is a sophomore and she is a babe (that’s her on the right — with the cookie!) Laurel is eight years younger than me, but eight years older in coolness. In a competition of who better pulled off prom sophomore year, Laurel wins.

1. She didn’t go tanning. (Right? or did you and just not tell me?) I tanned a lot. Not cool, Becky. Not cool. I went for 30 minutes at a time. People told me I was too tan and I probably thought they were jealous. I’m sure I told myself I needed a good base for my Iowa spring break  summer vacay.

2. I think she did her own nails. My 24-year-old self admires that. Mostly because I still can’t do my nails. Brie always got mad at my lack of concentration. She was so baffled by how such a committed design student could be so terrible at staying in the lines. I had better things to do. Still do. Yeah, I’ll paint my nails. But if you want me to do a good job, I won’t be happy about it.

3. Her dress was sassier and classier. Not much else to say. Her dress was just better.

*Tip: if you want to frustrate my mother, talk to her about high schoolers chewing gum and having bad posture at the grand march. 

*For all you fact checkers: I was able to go tanning for long periods of time because a friend owned a tanning bed. I’m sure her mother would be horrified if  she knew that’s why I was the resident Snooki.

Regarding photography

Taking good photos is really hard. I was hoping once I got my new fancy SLR camera, I would have great stuff for my blogacious hobby. I wanted to instantly be like these guys. But noooo; it has to take practice. Or luck. I think the luck only comes when you have a lot of photos to choose from. But you can only get a lot of photos if you take a lot of photos…shoot. Now I’m back to practicing.

*pics taken with mom’s college Pentax K1000

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