Almost caught the bouquet. Almost doesn’t count. But it almost does.

The magic genie (Steve Madden) granted me one night of tall girl time. I felt like I was on MTV’s Made. Or Cinderella. Or Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday. I bought these shoes for Ray and Julie’s wedding. They were comfortable enough. I learned what it’s like to block the people standing behind me. And duck for doorways. And dunk a basketball. And change a tire (irrelevant) (and untrue). And how to be the WORST at the limbo.

I almost caught the single ladies bouquet during the reception. It was in my hand, and then my famously terrible hand-eye coordination left me with a catch and release. It fell to the ground — almost in slow motion (just like when Paulette dropped the pen in Legally Blonde before she bend-and-snapped for the UPS guy). Next to me was a precious gal. Really short. Probably the shortest girl in the building. If I had to size her up, I’d say she was in first grade. She probably doesn’t even know how to spell ‘acquaintance’ yet. I couldn’t tell if she really wanted to get married soon, or if she was just extremely competitive. Either way, she beat me to the punch! The little blonde firecracker grabbed the bouquet of flowers beneath me and claimed her victory —  all because she was closer to the ground. Legend says she’ll be the next to get married. Fine by me. I need a little more time to organize my tupperware cupboard before I commit to anything long-term.

The rest of my weekend in Austin:

Sangria. Shangri La. Traditional shopping. Pool time. Whole Foods +  smoothies. Dresses with pockets. Winter lipstick but WHO CARES. Some 24-year-olds really do have it all together (white furniture). Happy hour sangria. The Killers. Chicken waffles. Breakfestivals. Economics banter. Barton Springs. Puppies. #smallnups. Simple pizza. Lake Austin. Goat cheese, thyme and honey ice cream. Coffee shop doodles. Hugs.

Ray and Julie, we are all so happy for you two. Many congrats and many blessings as you begin your new journey as one. Thank you for the beautiful ceremony and epic reception. I think we’ll celebrate your anniversary with a bang next year. Cabo?

photo via Herschel lookbook



  1. Posted 05/29/2012 at 2:22 PM | Permalink | Reply

    Did you learn anything about being tall on this one night adventure?

    • Posted 05/30/2012 at 8:11 AM | Permalink | Reply

      haha I learned that I need to love being who I am. And being fake-tall makes your feet hurt the next day. And your dress gets short when your legs get long. who would have thought?

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