Can we just talk about El Lissitzky for a second?

He’s the man. El Lissitzky is my favorite Bauhaus Russian Constructivist. A Suprematist, but now I look like I’m trying too hard. I had a good talk/meeting/hang out with some local designers. I’m feeling inspired to push myself and see how hard I can fail. When Oded Ezer did a guest workshop for one of my old design classes, he told us that failing is really quite amazing. If we are failing at design, we are probably new to the method. If we are trying something new, then we are sitting in a terrific place. It gave me permission to be at peace with my shortcomings. How much braver would we eventually become if we surrounded ourselves with risk-takers? Since I was feeling nostalgic, I thought about El Lissitzky as well (researched him in college). His Prouns must have looked totally bogus at the time. Good thing his buddies pushed him to reach higher and dream bigger.

On another note, I have the most wonderful friends. Yesterday I felt so loved and overwhelmed with goodness. You know who you are.

If I get to create and share with the people I love, I have nothing to complain about.

Images via MOMA

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