This just in! IRBS is on Twitter & Instagram

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my creative pursuits. Through the good, bad, mediocre, funny and awkward, you have stuck by my side. I don’t know what kind of weird stuff I’d be up to if I didn’t have these hobbies to keep me out of trouble. Maybe I would learn how to shuffle cards. Or get into World of Warcraft. Or deal drugs. Or study cartography?

In regards to IRBS, it is just as important that it be life-giving as well as funny. I think we all constantly need to be affirmed that we are beautifully/wonderfully/perfectly made.

In an attempt to reach more shorties (and general yay-sayers), I’ve turned I’d Rather be Short into a Twitter critter. I’m excited. Things are still getting worked out, but it is time to release this baby into the wild.

Head over to @idratherbeshort on Twitter 

and id_rather_be_short on instagram.

I’ll still be posting on @beckycmurphy, but I’ll be hamming it up a lot more with its own Twitter space. Tell your kids, wives, grandparents and tall friends.


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