links on links on links

Happy Friday! I hope your preekend is off to a good start. Here are some things I found worth sharing:

1. Best food blog. NY photographer moved to the woods. Makes great food. Illustrates. Takes great photos. I promise the Forest Feast is worth your time.

2. is a necessity for anyone who has been known to link to a video from time to time. You get to control when it starts so you can get to the point. *It also shows you how to write the start time into the link so you don’t always have to use the site.

3. If I was a guy, I would buy these ties.

4. Be Optimistic and Thankful has some pretty rad wax watches.

5. Moglea is the lovely letterpress studio of an old Iowa State graphic design alum. Meg is so talented.

6. Organized Wonder is a place to organize and follow documentaries, talks, short films, etc.

7. This is the cover photo for my “neat tats!” board on Pinterest. I always see it when I’m on and I still think it’s so beautiful.

*photo via here


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