Dad, thank you for hiding the TV every summer. I get it now.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Now that I’m as old as I’ve ever been, I realize more and more how great of a father you are. I get my goofiness, can-do attitude and drive for success from you. Thank you and I love you. For those of who wish to know a bit more about the man in the mirror, let me indulge you.

Dennis is really really positive. One time he said ‘can’t’ was not in the dictionary. My little sister said it was — and showed him. He crossed it out with a permanent marker.

Dennis doesn’t want to be like everyone else. My cousin Kelly went to college a while back and showed up at a family get together with bright blue hair. My dad was so impressed, that years later he proposed our family do the same. “Just one week of all different colors of hair,” he would say. He was so excited about showing up to restaurants and baseball games and getting all sorts of looks from strangers. My mother did not support the notion, but in her defense, he wanted her to have purple while he got bleach blonde.

Dennis is silly. I remember when I was making something with powdered milk and I needed Dad to taste test it. Of course he fell asleep in the chair watching the news. When I accidentally woke him, he jerked and a little spilled on his shirt. He then took the glass out of my hands and poured the rest all over me because he thought I was playing a trick on him. I was covered in smelly pasty milk.

Dennis is a saver. It even goes back to first grade. He said that every day they got a cookie during snack time. In typical Dennis fashion, he saved each cookie and hid it in his desk until the day he would have a glorious feast. One day he opened his desk and the cookies were gone. Good thing that didn’t discourage him. He made sure that when I saved up for my Sony Discman, I put just as much money into my savings account as the purchase itself. I am so thankful for that, as well as many similar life lessons. I am quite blessed to have been given this father.


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