Mom said I can get a tattoo when I turn 25

I made a list of 25 things to accomplish before I turned 25. I wrote it on Saturday:

comb nappy hair / make this list / wash dishes / clean desktop / get groceries / finish PressPausePlay documentary / learn more about camera / make Father’s Day post / finish that one thing I’m working on having to do with social media and stuff  / tell a great joke! / roast those sweet potatoes / figure out plants / write a letter  / write that one thing / sweep kitchen floor / wash car / set up eye doc appointment / finish woodburns / rest on Sunday / be brave like Special Agent Dale Cooper / buy plane ticket / make someone dinner / buy those wood planks already / reflect on church service / clean out inbox

But more seriously, I had another post I was going to put up today that was actually thoughtful. Since I didn’t have the time to make it polished, I decided to stave off your hunger with this list of ridic. In my real life list of 100 things, I have included: star in a nationally syndicated infomercial, be interviewed by Ira Glass and floss every night.

I have survived in my own flesh for a quarter of a century. Whoa, thank you God and thank you friends. Alive at 25. I am truly thankful.


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