Nick Meek is the

Nick Meek has a lot of stunning photos. I could have spent all day yesterday choosing the best ones, but I would have missed out on more pie eating opportunities. His photos are so perfect that they are eerie. The soft colors also make me gush, as I am one who loves pastels. Just go ahead and look through his work. It’s a treat from head to toe.

Thank you everyone for yesterday. It was easily one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. Mimosas, Murphy Rangers tee, Twitter explosion, Olive Branch cupcake, DQ ice cream cake and a birthday party at Shorty’s. I GOT TO MEET SHORTY. They had a piñata for me filled with dark chocolate. They gave me I’d Rather be Short ideas. They made me pie. Because I love pie. At 21 I got a flask. This year I got a pipe. I think I’m growing up.

Yesterday was filled with so much goodness, I can hardly contain it. Thank you for making my day so awesome.


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