Sunday chess tournament

Alas! The much anticipated Waco Fork and Chipper Things 1st Annual Chess Tournament is almost here! My friend Chad and I decided to set up a casual tourney for those who love to talk trash to the queen. 

Starts at 6:30. This Sunday (24th). Dancing Bear. Waco, TX, USA, North America, Milky Way. $5 to enter. Sign in a bit early because that is a kind thing to do. Each game starts on the hour. Games are 50 minutes long. If there is no victor, points will be determined according to pieces. Maybe a coin toss will have to happen. Who knows. We have no idea what we’re doing, so hope for a fair democracy. If you think you’re going to win a trophy by stalling your opponent like in catch phrase, think again. Each player will be issued a very very very very very technically advanced hourglass timer. There will be both expert and novice categories. Don’t know which one you are? Chad has this to say about rankings:

It’s important to consider your Personal Player Ranking. This is my invention. It’s a scale from 1 to 100. 1 means you’re pretty sure you know how all the pieces move, while 100 is a player who can play a chess game without looking at a board. We will use this to divide into expert and casual divisions and seed the brackets. Think about it. Also, sandbaggers will be chastised. 

Want to play? We would love to have you. Email Chad: or me: if you’re interested in signing up or learning more.

Oh yeah! There will be woodburn trophy plaques for the winners. HINT: it will look exactly like the above flier minus the boring information plus a giant “champion” in all caps. I didn’t want to type it that way because I wanted to leave something to the imagination.


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