Homeless Mo

In March I went to a blogging conference at SXSW. It was mostly for fashion, but I convinced them to let me in (AKA they took my money). One guy was there representing his advertising company (isocket) out of San Francisco. I talked to him about blog traffic, twitter, illustration and pug people. I have been following Ryan via social media since. He’s been up to some pretty cool stuff.

Ryan met Mo when Mo asked for some money and cigarettes. Ryan bought him a sandwich instead. They became friends. Ryan gave Mo a flip cam to record interviews with various people around the city about the homeless situation in San Francisco. The interviews are brief but they are fascinating. Check them out on Mo’s YouTube channel or  Mo’s Facebook page. Or give Mo a couple of bucks. I don’t mind paying him for the insight he’s given me.



  1. Posted 07/06/2012 at 1:55 PM | Permalink | Reply

    I love his spirit! Reminds me of a gentleman in Tulsa that I know.

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