Still kicking it

Again, it would have been really cool standard if I showed off my blog transformation all at once. You know, the way professionals do it. It’s almost there. Whatever you think is fugly or distasteful (ex: using the word “fugly” as a 25-year-old) , just assume that is something that will be better later. It’s like you are seeing Chipper Things go through blog puberty. She was lovely enough, but now she wants to be a woman [gross]. This is just the awkward in-between phase.

“Does she know that foundation doesn’t magically blend into the neck?” “Does she know that just because she’s embarrassed to wear deodorant, the summer isn’t getting any cooler?” (tried my breast to go light on the puberty jokes.)

Enough of that. I hope you’ve been watching the Olympics at least as much as I have (med-low standards). And I hope you have marveled at what the human body is capable of on screen [synchronized diving] while you marvel at what the human body is capable off [cookie log].


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  1. Posted 08/07/2012 at 10:16 PM | Permalink | Reply

    Those bottlecap magnets are SO RAD! And since I seem on a streak of trying to bring “rad” back into usage (a streak that has been going on for at least a couple of years now), I am not one to judge when it comes to using “fugly” at 25. Especially since I’m 28, and I’m tempted to throw fugly back into the rotation now.

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