Marc Johns should be a household name

He’s still the man. I know I’ve posted about Marc Johns before, but COME ON. His stuff is the white chocolate macadamia nut Clif Bar of granola bars…what I’m trying to say is that HE’S AWESOME!!!!!! I have to assume (fingers crossed) that I’ve acquired a couple of new readers since I last went gaga, and maybe those people would like to peer into the souls of those who kind of want to be loved, but really just want some cheesecake. Bonus round: check out his “It is illegal to sell this man a v-neck t-shirt” illustration.

Just realized Tuesdays are the sophomores of the week (assuming the week is a super senior like most people are these days). Have a good one. Think of some good jokes. We really need to start sharing jokes on this blog. Yeah, send me your jokes and I’ll post them on Friday.


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