Life is beautiful

I think I’ve posted about Ben Giles art before. I saw it floating around on my internet rounds yesterday and couldn’t help but share.

I got to see Kinsey and Stephen last night. Here is a picture of them. Kinsey said they have all kinds of hole in the wall places in London, but what she can’t have is Chili’s. Technically I can’t say she’s wrong. We caught up for several hours and talked about college uni, art, politics, and Shiloh Pitt.

Kinsey rolls her cigarettes. She has an Iowa tattoo on the inside of her arm. She went to a rave once…with glow sticks. While she hasn’t acquired an accent, she does say, “brilliant” and “yes, of course, love.” Good enough for me. Did I nod in agreement when she talked about high fashion and “all that Adderall in the design college”? Absolutely! Did I have any idea what she was talking about? Of course not!

We went through every single page of my book and she gave me a thoughtful critique. I listened to her and Stephen’s mashup music. She showed me her prints. We did a pretty good job of squeezing two years into that Dallas suburb for a night. A brilliant artist and friend this one is.


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  1. Posted 09/21/2012 at 9:26 PM | Permalink | Reply

    Those kind of friendships are just so good for the soul! As are such splendid catch-ups. Yay for the good life!

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