Try these five / via Tara Parker-Pope

Disclaimer: I have a long way to go with this stuff, but I’m always learning and I assume some of you are too.

I took a really great honors class in college on food sustainability. I wish I could redo it now because I know I would take it more seriously. I remembered there was a short article in the textbook, Menu for the Future, that suggested the top five foods to keep organic. I finally flipped through and revisited that page.

This is a just a Summary of “Five Easy Ways to go Organic”, by Tara Parker-Pope

1. Milk. Conventional stuff is full of antibiotics, pesticides and artificial hormones. Don’t get me started. There’s a nice short and sweet article on Relevant that will make you want to ditch beef and dairy if you haven’t already. Or reevaluate the industry. Or just start with organic. Or just talk about it but still be grossed out nonetheless.

2. Potatoes. One survey said 30% of our vegetable consumption is in some form of potato. Even when washed and cooked, they’re still among the highest in pesticides.

3. Peanut butter. 99% of peanut farmers use pesticides. PB is a staple in many people’s diet, so why not spend the extra buck and do it right. Bonus: the stuff you grind in the health section is so much better anyway. Especially if it’s almond butter.

4. Ketchup. About 75% of tomato consumption is processed. Organic ketchup has twice as many antioxidants as non-organic.

5. Apples. One of the most consumed and one of the most contaminated. Luckily, fancy apples are cheap and tasty.

*Image by Chris Silas Neal



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  1. Posted 09/21/2012 at 9:51 PM | Permalink | Reply

    “Especially if it’s almond butter.”

    Totally made me laugh. :)

    These are all good things to know!

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