Book Report III

Welcome to Monday, friends. What a splendid weekend it was!

Let’s get down to business. The weekly progress report.

Incase you are new, I do these reports every Monday. I turn 10 drawings into my editor, so it’s a great time for me to reflect on how I can improve for the coming week. (about the book here).

I realized I was missing my Wacom Stylus Saturday night. I feel like it should be in my house, but my place is tiny and currently clean, so I’ve already exhausted the search. I have to say it’s the G-rated version of getting a flat tire on your way to the airport. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it’s throwing off the process a bit. I also have to say that it is a blessing in disguise. Perhaps God really wanted me to stop relying on the computer for my small edits and make sure I did it right the first time.

Photoshop should always (in the context of this project) be kept to a minimum. It’s like makeup. Just take care of your skin and don’t cake with fake. I know that’s what you probably thought I was already doing. I was! Kind of! Each week I have improved tenfold in my process and my work.

Now the drawings are taking just as long, if not longer, but they look better. I’m proud of what they were, but I’m especially proud of what they are now.

I’m thankful for this endurance. I spent 20 hours working on it over the weekend, but that gives me so much more than another (almost) finished round — I am able to start this week with an even bigger can-do attitude. It’s the same feeling as training for that long run in March. The benefit to training wasn’t so much to make the race easier, but gave me the confidence that I knew —without a doubt — I was more than capable of finishing. I love that.

p.s. You can catch more updates from my Twitter and Instagram. 



  1. Posted 09/21/2012 at 9:55 PM | Permalink | Reply

    You can totally do it! I love that you’re becoming even more assured of it as this progresses. I have a feeling, “just take care of your _____ and don’t cake with fake,” can apply to so much of life. It’s a good reminder to have.

  2. Posted 09/22/2012 at 8:34 AM | Permalink | Reply

    Good call. Life is better this way!

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