Time budget

Just like money budgets, we also have time budgets. Maybe we don’t actually budget, but we have to plan how we spend it or else it just slips away. It’s not a renewable resource. It gets spent everyday, and there is no hope to multiply. We just have to use it as well as we can.

I used to have high hopes for this blog, but now I just want it to exist for those of us who want to share. As far as everyone else is concerned, it’s going to look the same. I’m just not time budgeting it ahead of the important things anymore. I feel released.

*photo from here



  1. Posted 09/26/2012 at 4:09 PM | Permalink | Reply

    Good call. You definitely have enough on your plate. But please keep writing when you feel the juice. You’re too good to go too quiet.

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