Book Report V: Float On

It really was a good weekend.

Life has been really great this year. Work has been splendid, I’ve gotten to cross off some things from the bucket list, I get paid enough to buy name brand cereal (I don’t buy cereal, but it’s nice to know I could), I’ve made new friends, learned a lot about myself, etc.

I’m over my bad-ish Saturday, but I want to chronicle the highs and lows of this book journey and I don’t want to forget about this one in a year.

I took sweet Trixie in to get, what I suspected, a minor sensor replacement. They told me the repairs were so high I may as well just get a new car. I was shocked.  Trixie and I had plans for a future. We were going to jam all the way to Iowa for Christmas. I was going to get a raspy voice from singing way too much Mariah Carey. She was going to look old and weathered in a few years, and I would say to her, “with rust comes wisdom” and she would smile. She’d feel intimidated by the newer, flashier Jettas. She would say she’s boring because she’s just silver, and I’d tell her that it’s okay to be boring—it means she’s safe and that makes me feel safe on the highway.

I was going to get her detailed soon. I just bought her insurance for the next six months. She was going to be in a swimsuit calendar for cars. Just kidding. Trixie is way too shy.

As I test drove the new Volkswagen on the lot, I felt like an old woman just getting back into the dating scene. Awkwardly moving the seat up with the new device. Jerking as I wasn’t used to the robust breaks. I didn’t care that this shiny new car was sexier than the old. I wanted Trixie back.

Now I deal with deciding what I want my car future to look like, as well as figuring out this phone situation (another story). I think I miss my sweet baby Trixie boo boo too much to just let her go so easy. Who knows. I’ll pray about it this week and figure it out. Either way, perspective is a sweet thing. In thinking about repairs vs. re-buying, $3k sounded like a lot— then a little. Then $10k seemed like nothing then a lot.

Oh yeah, the book! It’s going really well. I love it. I love seeing the growth. Unlike children, I get to tell you which are my favorites. You’ll have to wait a year for that though.




  1. Car
    Posted 10/03/2012 at 8:25 AM | Permalink | Reply

    Your sketches are looking GREAT becky! xoxo!

  2. Anonymous
    Posted 10/08/2012 at 5:59 AM | Permalink | Reply

    funny stuff. D.

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