Little Ladies 01: vertical stripes

The Chipper Things petite fashion column is finally here! All of this book stuff has increased my shorty confidence tenfold. I want to take advantage of this community and see what else we can come up with together. Please comment or tweet me your ideas.

I think having Mina on board is what makes me so giddy about this little project. Mina is our Paris fashion correspondant. She’ll be heading this project and picking out the themes and outfits (as she has done this week). I’ll have her introduce herself sometime soon. So thankful for her help! Here’s what Mina has to say:

You can be petite and just as fashionable. Why these pieces? A classic white shirt with a cute knot on the front is an easy way to control the length of the shirt. Many button ups aren’t made for shorter torsos, so it ends up shortening the legs. The tie is good for quality control.

My favorite item this week is the striped jeans. Every (petite) girl needs a pair in her closet. Stripes will give to your legs the illusion of being longer and slimmer. Yes, sometimes it is easy to cheat.

What about the suspenders? I love them. Suspenders is the definition of cool.

Be sure to follow Mina @minasoussi 

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  1. Posted 10/12/2012 at 4:45 PM | Permalink | Reply

    I’ve always wanted to be petite instead of awkwardly tall! That outfit would look so adorable on a little lady… I’m jealous!

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