I’d Recommend:

1. Wen cleansing conditioner. I never saw the infomercials, but I heard it was good and my hair was in a dark place. I really like it. It’s too expensive for me to use on a regular basis though ($30 for a bottle a little bigger than most tubes of hand lotion). I’ll probably use it once a week and certainly won’t use the 30-40 recommended pumps for my medium-long-thick mop top.

2. Bossypants by Tina Fey. I’m in the final stretch of I’d Rather be Short, so yeah, I’ve been a little exhausted from it. I want to have a snappy intro, as this is the only opportunity for my authorship skills to accredit the word ‘author’ in my Twitter bio (aside from the 100 captions for the 100 drawings). P.S. turns out it’s really hard to make zingers zing. Ooops — just made myself nervous as I did not realize the calamity of the intro until…now.

3. I didn’t actually talk about Bossypants in #2. I just finished relistening (for the fourth time this year). It probably won’t be the last. It is so well crafted. Every sentense is more punchy than the last and it offers so much insight into 30 Rock, SNL and Second City. I’m amazed she finished it while her pop culture references are still relevant. If she wrote it at my pace, her anecdotes would be too outdated by the time it would get published. “What’s an Oprah?” or “How will this book get me more robot followers?” the plastic tykes would ask.

4. Andrew B Myers photography. I’ve posted him before, but when Design for Mankind featured him, I went gaga all over again.

5. Lastly, go a few days without makeup; don’t waste your time when you don’t have it.

That is all. I wish you a merry Friday and a happy new weekend.



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