My friends are talented

Too many updates to actually give you a real update.

1. The book was originally due last Thursday, but it got pushed back until this week. Partially because of the hurricane and partially because of scheduling stuff. Nothing is wrong or even delayed.

2. It’s pretty much done though! Now the fun part: arranging order, intro writing, etc.

3. This was the first weekend since July that I got to hang out with friends for the entire weekend. I didn’t work at all. It was the best. What beautiful friends I have in Texas. Someone said that everyone gets treated like they’re famous, and I believe this is true. Everyone is sincerely supportive and they even give you a group, “Heeeey” when you enter the crowd. Even if you hid under a rock for the last three months…they’ll still remember you!

4. Subject change: Aren’t these pics gorgeous? If you are new to the blog I want you to know that girl is ME.

5. Just kidding. My hair isn’t that long. The girls at Half Orange photographed these two for an engagement session. Katie and Stancy are so good at their job and making their subjects clients feel loved and totally comfortable in front of the camera. More on that later. P.S. How perfect are Francis and Chloe? I’m going to start campaigning for them to get modeling contracts.



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