1 + 1 + 1 + 1…

The book is almost done. I thought it would be a Hollywood moment when I would press submit and it would all be complete, but it’s a bit slower than that. There’s writing and edits and emails and this and that. And while it’s close, I’m realizing it’s a never ending process. I married this baby and when the going gets tough, my love will carry us through the night. Now I have time to take care of those piling lists. I have so much to, but I want to be very careful about how I prioritize my time. As in, not leaving friends in the dust for the sake of getting ahead on said list.

I’m going to get serious about the one-goal-per-day rule. Amy got me into this. It’s great because you actually get something done instead of nothing because you’re so overwhelmed. Do what has to get done first. Anything extra is bonus. It’s kind of amazing how I can complete one nagging task that I’ve been putting off when it’s the only MUST DO of the day.

Or, as Anne Lammot’s priest friend Tom says, “Left foot, right foot, left foot, breathe.”

P.S. Check out Barbasia’s photos on Flickr. I’ve been feeling real inspired to get behind the camera lately. This is just one more push to get me there.


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