Thankful for this land


I am the recipient of the most freedom in the world, and I didn’t even have the decency of showing any gratitude on Memorial Day.

I watched our small town parade that my dad, a Vietnam veteran marches in every year.

I ate at the annual pancake breakfast our local fire fighters put on to make sure we don’t get too thin before swimsuit season.

I watched Arrested Development all day with my family, took a nap and went on a long walk with my mom and sister on a dreamy new trail.

Still, not much gratitude.

Then Dad picked us up because we got so far from the city that we realized we wouldn’t get home in time to watch the Bachelorette and polish off the pan of oh henry bars mom made earlier.

This was Memorial Day.


I know I’m not expected to do much more than that, but I’m a little disgusted by my lack of thankfulness and patriotism. My dad sent a nice email yesterday to remind us of our freedoms and I didn’t read it until today. I feel blindsided, even though this day has been marked year after year.

God loves every nation the same, and I don’t think America is better than anyone else. But I still think we are quite blessed, and this is a day week to settle down and sigh in relief because most Americans do get to live in peace. Nothing is free. Thank you to those who sacrificed so much more than tv show marathons and oh henry bars to give the rest of us freedom and equality.



  1. Anonymous
    Posted 05/28/2013 at 3:51 PM | Permalink | Reply

    What is the evidence that you wouldn’t have those things were it not for American Soldiers? And does your logic require that the people of other countries who do not enjoy these things as a direct result of having their country bombarded and militarily occupied by American soldiers trying to colonize their country should feel resentment toward American soldiers and appreciation for the insurgents resisting them?

  2. Posted 05/31/2013 at 10:31 PM | Permalink | Reply

    Enjoyed your post, Becky. Some people have such convoluted logic that they wouldn’t recognize a blessing if they were hit over the head with it. And in America, we practically are hit over the head with it. It is unlike any other country in so many ways. Not perfect but perfect enough that it is worth fighting and even dying for as Memorial Day reminds us. But it is also easy to take for granted. I’m so glad you were able to reflect on it and that you have an appreciation for it. Sadly, not everyone born in America experiences peace, joy and abundance in their own lives. And we should never give up on them or quit lending them a hand. But for the rest of us – how lucky we are.

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