Spirit Monsters

spiritmonsters3Who is your spirit monster? Jed? Tia? Or Clive?

Jed likes going for long runs to clear his mind. He’s almost always a vegetarian, but loves an excuse for a good burger. Though thoughtful and courageous, loyalty might be Jed’s strongest suit. He’d never snap at his mother and his music library is always two years behind. One year if it’s rap.

Tia is a helper and a fighter. She’d rather pluck Clive’s back hair than see a fellow monster in need. In fact, that’s why she plucks Clive’s back hair: it gets gross and she likes to help. Her motto is, “yes, and”. Partially because she learned it in improv and partially because that’s how she orders dessert, which is often. She’s a challenger and has high expectations for her friends (in a good way).

Clive tends to let himself go. Nobody minds though, because when Clive is happy, everyone is happy. He’s the life of the party and never misses a beat. Quick witted and oven-mitted. “Brake for cake”, says his bumper sticker. He drives a Prius but only because he inherited it from his father, who recently moved across seas for work.


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