Every day is new and every day I am new.


I was born 26 years ago today.

So far it has been a good day. My roommate woke me up to Pa Pa Power*, made blueberry pancakes, mimosas and chai tea. Later we’re going to Barton Springs (everyone is invited) then happy hour for some food and drinks.

I’m a very goal-oriented type of person. My inclination is to write a list of things I have to do this year. We all know that 26 is just as, if not more important than 21, 30, 50 or 100. I kid! I kid!

It took some willpower to stop myself from doing that. While those lists are inspring, they take me away from appreciating the sweet present. I already have everything I need. Not “almost”, “ish” or “usually”.  Right here on this balcony, with this breeze and these birds who think that just because we’re neighbors we are friends (they tend to get really close).

God has been holding my hand all this time and even when I’ve been the worst, He still manages to give me a giant hug and tell me that every day is new and every day I am new.That is enough for me.

*the rule in the Haus of Bekz is that every time Ryan Gosling’s Pa Pa Power is played, you have to drop what you’re doing and lance* for the duration of the song. You can imagine the “pleasant surprise”  this was at 7 AM!

**Lancercise is an exercise that combines lunge and dance. Best paired with the aforementioned Pa Pa Power. Soon it will have its own Wikipedia page, and I will link to that.

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  1. Posted 07/09/2013 at 2:02 AM | Permalink | Reply

    1) You were born! While I’m belated regarding the official anniversary of this momentous occasion, it is something I think should be celebrated often. And celebrate it I shall! Yay!

    2) I did not know Ryan Gosling had a band. My world has been rocked!

    3) I think I need to have a lance party now.

    4) I’m glad your birthday was a good day! I’m also glad this post happened. You have this way of bringing the good stuff and packing a punch in just a few words. I’m so grateful every time you move me this way!

    Happy belated birthday! I’m so very glad you were born!

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