Goodbye, pizza I>


Remember my talk of a detox? It is time. Had I started it when I was supposed to, it would already be over. BUT, there were interferences. Luckily, my roommate is in on it with me. We spent about $100 on fruits and veggies at Whole Foods last night! Wowee zowee! More deets beets to come.

21-day detox prescribed by Lindsey:

1-10: fruits, veggies, 1 cup of brown rice/quinoa, organic whey protein for morning smoothie.
11-21: same as first half, but we can add meat and fish. After that, add corn, beans, dairy, nuts, etc. one by one (every few days) to monitor sensitivities.

Yes: olive oil, cooking spices
No: everything else and caffeine

I think I’ll highly recommend you try it, but I won’t say anything until I’m at least half way through. Enjoy time with your friends, French Silk Pie and Tater Tots. I’ll be fine, as Jasmine (rice) and Peach (not the one you’re thinking of—the fruit) will keep me company for now.

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  1. Posted 07/09/2013 at 1:37 AM | Permalink | Reply

    There has been some detox talk in my circles. It’s been leaving me contemplating it. I hope yours is going well!

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