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Let’s all be friends tomorrow and every day

This post was originally written after one of the national conventions. I got distracted and never posted. Here I am, rewriting to salvage my first and only political contribution to the internet. It’s not that I’m apathetic (though I am more than I’d like to be), it’s just that I don’t feel that I have any authority in the matter. But, a good way to not do anything is to not do anything.

Politics minus politics still equals a broken world. The speeches were dazzling and the Twitter has been buzzing. Everyone has an opinion.

Rainn Wilson said, “Over 6 billion was spent on 2012 political campaigns telling us how good they are with money and debt.”

It’s pretty bleak out there. Here’s my election dream:

Right before we find out who wins, I wish we could find some hippie (or child, or stay at home mom, or elf, or priest or really just about anyone) to address the audience for exactly eight minutes. The speaker would remind Americans that all of this change they are hoping for starts with themselves. Great news! We don’t have to wait for a president to make America beautiful.

If we don’t want deceptive leaders, we need to stop lying to save our own backs (that’s why they do it too). If the republicans don’t care enough about the poor, care extra for the poor. Wash their feet; they already wash your windows. If you hate Obama’s unfulfilled promises, fulfill your promises. Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no. Mentor a child. Become pen pals with an inmate. Be the private sector you want them (who is them?!) to be. Love your neighbors as yourself (i.e. donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts). We don’t have enough energy to love and hate simultaneously. Help Iraqi children get heart surgery. There are a million things we can do each day to make our America (and world) three steps closer to becoming the place we intended it to be.

I’m not trying to downplay the severity of this or any election. There are wars, natural disasters, jobless families, sick children, national debt, etc. We need honest and innovative leaders for our country, but let us not forget that we, the individuals, have the power to be more than bitter or complacent bystanders after a leader is elected. We can be the change we keep hearing about.

*block print from here.

B&W day


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Welcome to Friday

For me

 It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.  —Bruce Lee

After listening to the best interview I’ve ever heard on the Relevant podcast (Bob Goff), I was inspired to start quitting  something every week. Who knows how big, how trivial, or how permanent or how consistent I’m talking. The point is, we are all too busy and we leave almost no wiggle room for ourselves. I want to have more than a small crevice for God to sneak into.

For now, I’m quitting Etsy. If you’re still interested in getting one of my goods, you can still contact me. I probably won’t have anything to do with it until the book is over, but hey, you can always ask.

Party favors for you:

Flossing is better than brushing.

Google PhD. I bookmarked this site forever ago. I finally looked it over and wonder how I’ve gotten this far without it.

Don’t forget! Today is knee-slappin Friday. Check back this afternoon for a treat from Brie Diddy.

*F from MaricorMaricar

@beckycmurphy is still on twitter. Don’t follow her.

Cool it

Love this. Thank you, Nathaniel Russell.

Follow @beckycmurphy for more twitter goods.

Chipper Things will be there

I will be most delighted if you stop by to say hello. The wood burns are going to be sold by the order, and the illustrations are all postcard size. That means my booth is cheap-ish. I will also be giving away free smiles and hugs (if provoked). Austin Craft Riot, tomorrow, 11-7.  Look for the girl doing lunges and wearing gold pants; it’s not me, but she sounds like someone worth getting to know.


“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” ― Anne Lamott

I’ve been listening to A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian Mclaren. I like it. A little heavy, but the good kind. Like a hearty meal when you’re already full from sweets.

picture from Sage & Berries


This is the tasty treat I’ve been craving. Check out more from Jean Jullien (you know, the French graphic designer based out of London). Looking at his work with your eyeballs will do you more good than a silly write up from me. This guy thinks before he designs. I like that.

Glad you’re here

Just got back from Chicago late last night. You probably had no idea I was in the Windy City…suckas! Thank goodness for scheduled postings. If you follow me in Twitter or Instagram you would have been in on the action, but I’m just happy you’re here now. It was a hoot. Lots of friendship time + family time. I am exhausted. The good kind of exhausted, to be precise.

I have some exciting news to share in the next day or two or more but probably the former. Please check back soon. No, not a relationship or baby.

Life is just going to get busier and busier. I’m trying to simplify a wee bit while maintaining the good things I have going (i.e. this blog). If anyone would like to contribute regularly or sporadically, please send me an email at and let me know what you have in mind. You are wonderful.

*awesome illustration via Jillian Tamaki

Sending you smiles on the Fourth of July

Happy 4th! On this day we get to set aside our political differences and celebrate our team together. This country wasn’t built by machines. With humans come human nature and human flaws. Forget about all that for a few seconds and enjoy a bourbon peaches and cream popsicle. And watch some fireworks. We have a lot to be thankful for.

map via Type Toy

roller derby rebrand

The Lonestar Rollergirls just got some serious rebranding. Great work from Greatest Common Factory in Austin.

Roller derby is cool. I met a couple of ladies in March who derby. They made me want to do it, but mostly so I could have a tough name. So far no luck. My cousin was on the Windy City Rollers and her name was Amber Waves of Pain. That is something to aspire to. You’ve probably heard me mention that before, as I latch on to the personal achievements of my friends and family for the rights to be cool by association.

discovered via Brand New

Another DIY I wish I thought of myself

I used to read / picture browse Emma’s Design Blogg a lot, but haven’t looked in ages. I just got reacquainted and I’ve really enjoyed the safe haven.

There is too much information too available. Blogs on blogs on blogs. But THIS ONE is really good. The Scandinavian design and general neutral colors let me to breathe for a second before heading back to the Photoshop.

DIY doodad here.

Tresse rugs

This weekend was crazy. I’ll write about it tomorrow + post photos. Of course I wanted to show off the good times to you today. My heart was feeling ambitious, but my sleepy eyelids said, “NOOOOO. GO TO BED.”

In the meantime, check out these Tresse rugs from Samuel Accoceberry. I bet you want one now.

via Swiss Miss

Aren’t these nice?

There isn’t much information about these placement coasters by Atentadado Digital other than that they are called, “placement coasters”. They sure are pretty though.

Almost died of good when I saw these

Back to Basics. Plenty more. Check them out.

Wish I had more time to write about how I tricked myself into being healthy, crying at work, estate sales, creative friends, overrated nouns, cliches I disagree with, podcast hall of fame, how to choose your adventure on the bachelorette and the D4 system. These are all unborn posts that I hope to explore in the coming weeks.

Friday bonus: a joke. It is my second favorite joke and I got it from Brie / Brie Diddy.

Q: What disease do you get from kissing birds?

A: Chirpees. It’s a canarial disease and it’s untweetable.

There is victory in quilting

I know some of you [Karen] were disappointed when you misread the tweet for my last post. As I promised, I have made all things right. Today’s Queen Quilter is Boo Davis. Her love for metal music and creativity birthed these cuddle bombs.

Note to reader: there are plenty more metal-themed quilts on her site. I just didn’t want to change that last sentence because I like that it says “cuddle bombs.”

via public school a very very long time ago.

Aww nothin, just painting branches.

Love the colorful wood. I just need to find a place to put up some painted sticks for my next craft night. Good finds, Twig!

Color lover

Been digging this palette lately. There; I said it.

via here, here and here. 

Judging books

Lovely Book Covers is about as addictive as watching just one more episode of Felicity. Once exposed, you will not be content until you take in as much as you can as fast as you can. Before you know it, you are going to want to read these hot bundles of literary goodness. That’s right — these books are more than their looks. They are actually [probably] pretty good reads.

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