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Little Ladies 01: vertical stripes

The Chipper Things petite fashion column is finally here! All of this book stuff has increased my shorty confidence tenfold. I want to take advantage of this community and see what else we can come up with together. Please comment or tweet me your ideas.

I think having Mina on board is what makes me so giddy about this little project. Mina is our Paris fashion correspondant. She’ll be heading this project and picking out the themes and outfits (as she has done this week). I’ll have her introduce herself sometime soon. So thankful for her help! Here’s what Mina has to say:

You can be petite and just as fashionable. Why these pieces? A classic white shirt with a cute knot on the front is an easy way to control the length of the shirt. Many button ups aren’t made for shorter torsos, so it ends up shortening the legs. The tie is good for quality control.

My favorite item this week is the striped jeans. Every (petite) girl needs a pair in her closet. Stripes will give to your legs the illusion of being longer and slimmer. Yes, sometimes it is easy to cheat.

What about the suspenders? I love them. Suspenders is the definition of cool.

Be sure to follow Mina @minasoussi 

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vortex of inspiration

I’m feeling so encouraged and motivated as of late. There is more goodness to be consumed and recycled than there are hours in the day. For this I must rejoice.

I’m a bit surprised by how inspired I was after watching The September Issue and Vidal Sassoon documentaries. I normally don’t spring for the fashion stuff, but I still find it interesting  The September Issue documents Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief at Vogue during the production of the largest issue Vogue has ever put out. It wasn’t so much her passion or tenacity that got my wheels spinning, but being a fly on the wall in this foreign land that I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed. It was like being at a zoo. Except it was a zoo on TV where everyone knows there are cameras and it was filmed a long time ago. Okay! It was exactly like watching the Discovery Channel. Seeing the creative photo shoots makes me anxious to take my camera out and play.

Vidal Sassoon was also really interesting. Not only because of his incredibly humble background, but because of his will to omit the superfluous. His goal wasn’t to be the best at what he was doing — he just couldn’t stand how hair was being done. He knew what he didn’t like and moved from there. He worked with lines and shape instead of against them.

Have you watched any inspiring documentaries lately?

*images by Robert Longo


Then and Now

1920s Vogue cover & modern Asos flapper  dress

Lazy bones? More like lazy BUNS.

I much enjoy the Top Knot.  Are you more of a sock bun or messy bun kind of lady? (OR guy?)

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Charger says, “uh uh”

I’ve had my Mac for about five years. We’ve been through a lot and I’m surprised she’s still kicking. In her old age I do not take a day for granted. The damaged corners from when she was dropped, the replaced keyboard from when I spilled water on her, the faint buzzing she makes when the screen isn’t tilted at her favorite angle. These are her beauty marks and I am thankful I get to experience them with her (because I have to). Unfortunately, her sidekick, Charger, has gracefully stepped out of commission. I think God was serious when He said that I need to put down the computer. It was a piss poor effort on my behalf, so He did it for me and I will complete the Hunger Games in this short time of being power-chord-less. A divine intervention indeed.

Photo via Oracle Fox

TxSC sponsors: THANK YOU!

This thank you is long overdue. I am so grateful for the wonderful sponsors at the Texas Style Council I attended a couple weeks ago.  I was pleasantly surprised with the generosity on all ends. Indiana did an amazing job organizing the event; it felt relational instead of competitive. There were far more sponsors than what is shown, but I present you with some of my favorite goodies from the weekend. Since I’m not a fashion blogger, I especially appreciate their benevolence. (If I post pictures of myself, they usually turn out like this.)

1. Obey jeans from Lulu’s. These are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever worn.  It’s like I asked for a bite and they gave me an Omaha steak. More realistically, it’s like I asked for a ride and they gave me a car. I don’t eat steak.

2. Successful swap party hosted by Swap. Everyone brought two garmets and got two in return. I snagged a couple of cool dresses. I hope my old lady country club wool cardigan went to someone who likes to kick it with 30 Rock as much as I do.

3. InPink jewelry. Got the fancy Cleopatra necklace. I haven’t felt so Cleo-diva since I got my hair ombred and I was covered in tin foil.

4. KIND GRANOLA BARS!!!! I like to reserve multiple exclamation marks for dire times. I already knew about Kind because of their snappy packaging. Delicious and nutritious.  I’m fairly certain that if I-35 from Austin to Waco was paved with them, I would have eaten my way home without a problem. And still beat the lousy SXSW traffic.

5. Almost forgot! Bonlook had some rad glasses / sunglasses. I won a pair of shades but my off-kilter tweeting habits left me clueless. It’s okay though. I can still get on board with a polished brand owned by women who know their Italian eyewear.

There you have it. These are my endorsements for the month of March or however long it takes me to endorse something else. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’ll be running my half marathon in Dallas, so please please don’t ask me to do a ropes course with you in the next couple of days.

Mom, do these glasses make me look hipster?

This weekend I went to the Texas Style Conference. I am by no means a fashion lady, so you should understand why I was so scared to go. The girls would have mile long legs and wear flashy patterns. The patterns that would match without matching and they would look fabulous. They would all have long hair and they would be beautiful and they would all know each other.

Everyone was 100% fabulous, yes. One thing I took away from the conference was that I need new shoes. And by need, of course I mean need. But by the second need I really mean want. There were some cool short girls too who will have to teach me how to dress. Even some that are in a roller derby league.

I was so impressed by how kind and gracious everyone was. New friends galore! I learned a lot about using social media, some avoidable habits, and how to remind myself that this blog is just a blog. Wait a second…you already knew that?

One more thing: free loot. We were treated like royalty. I need to write about the sponsors and other little lessons, but for now I must head to the office so I can slap fives with my jolly coworkers.

Confused Becky, Diana and Rocio in photo

Spinnerin meets Elle meets tennis

Went to Texas Style Council this weekend. I’ll tell you about it later. So good. In a hurry. Must get ready for work.

I got all giddy when I found these photos because they remind me so much of that Spinnerin yarn catalog that I posted about a little while ago. It’s like, which one is really from the sixties?! I just can’t tell. This girl is so cool that I’ll bet you a multi-pack of Orbit gum (spearmint) that she wins every match.

Photos by David Burton / styled by Carola Bianchi / Elle Italia / November 2011

via here

I just want to have fun all the time always

This weekend someone asked me what my dream is in life. After a long-winded and verbacious answer (like this sentence already is), I settled on, “I just want to have fun all the time.” I felt dissatisfied with my response after I pondered the question the next day. That isn’t everything I want in life.

Oh? He didn’t take that literally? Okay good. That answer is fine then.

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Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!

These London Fashion Week sketches make me want to pull a Kelly. Wait a second…I already did…

via NY Times

Anna Wolf + Mike Perry…sigh

This post is dedicated to you, Katie Pinson. I said I would send you a link, and blogging about it is straight up multitasking.

Photographer Anna Wolf and designer Mike Perry have always made a good team. Her photos + his type and art direction are a match made in Adobe Heaven. They are much like cottage cheese and wheat thins — wonderful on their own but dynamic when together. Both sites are funhouses and make me drool 40 out of 10 times.

Japanese street style: America’s best kept secret

I was complaining about how I never know what to wear being small. I don’t know if my new boots make me look stalky and cankled and I especially don’t know if I am allowed to wear huge faded t-shirts (See last question in the FAQ section). Worry not! My self-esteem is just fine.

You see where this is going…Japan. My friend Erin and I were talking about this the other night and it lead me to sharing with you. I don’t need to write about how eccentric and awesome these garbs are. You have eyes. If you don’t have eyes, please email me and I will further explain the details of the garments.

Images found via Japanese Streets and Tokyo Fashion. 

Things (AKA: why my shopping trip should matter to you)

I am a newbie! Give me a break if my mood board is wack. Personal endorsements from treat yo self day 2012:

1. Loft carries jeans for petites. I have a pair exaclty likes these, but at Christmas time my little sister asked me what color they were. They were so faded she didn’t know if they were ugly black, or charcoal gray. It was time for an update.

2. A darling store filled with the most wonderful paper goods in all of Des Moines (Ephemera) had these candles that they called, “the Boyfriend Candle”. I couldn’t bring it back on my flight so I waited and bought one in Waco. It listens to me and smells nice.

3. AG curl activator. Got it at Beauty Brands. This is the best curl stuff I’ve ever used. I’ve tried it all. (Note to reader: I have not tried it all). Non-crispy. Smooth curls. I give it two winks and an involved secret handshake.

4. Combat boots are trendy; therefore I got them.

5. Pepper Spray! Just because! It’s something I’ve been saying I’d get, and $6 later, I finally went through with it.

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